Welcome to Ilumnis Android/iPhone team.

Feel free to explore among our latest apps and games for iOS and Android. We took special care in crafting them, tightened all screws, ironed all wrinkles, and we hope you will enjoy using them.


Predrag Milutinovic

Position: CEO

A motivational and organizational force in the team, with laser precision in project planing and guiding. Used smartphones when they still weren't mainstream.


Damir Vampola

Position: Web Developer & Designer

The one with a magic wand for web pages, graphics, and inspirational breakfasts. Privately drummer wannabe, but without magic sticks.


Borivoje Ristic

Position: Software Developer

iOS developer resourceful and keen to learn new skills and tackle upcoming challenges.


Milos Milosevic

Position: Marketing Specialist

Studied economics, passionate about marketing, technology, games, and accidentally wandered into graphic design. Also, loves guitar, writing, Twitter and his Android phone.


Dalibor Savic

Position: Android developer

Android developer and unrealized rock star


Slavisa Tekic

Position: Softver developer

Softver developer and an ordinary guy from the neighborhood. Engineer and a failed footballer. The first man on Mars...