Bluetooth Holdem Poker

Play Texas Holdem Poker anywhere!


Bluetooth Holdem Poker is a unique game for Android that lets you play Texas Holdem Poker anytime, anywhere. All you need are your friends with Android phones with Bluetooth capabilities, and you're good to go! Set up a game on a host phone and let others join your table. No accounts, sign-ups or internet connection needed. Not to mention that you will not need card deck ever again. There are two game modes, Singleplayer, where you can play alone, against up to 5 well-trained bots, and Multiplayer, where you can play against other people via Bluetooth. There can be up to 6 players on one table, and bots can be added to fill up empty places at any time in both game modes.


  • • Play with other people over Bluetooth connection
  • • Play against bots
  • • Up to 6 players on one table
  • • Singleplayer and Multiplayer game modes
  • • Bots can be added anytime in both game modes
  • • Works on Android 2.2 or newer


Version 1.3
  • • Minor bugs fixed in Free version
Version 1.2
  • • Computers players added
  • • Minor bugs fixed