Bluetooth Music Player

Share music, not files!


Bluetooth Music Player is an audio/mp3 player, but with a unique twist: it can stream music from one phone to another using Bluetooth connection. All you have to do is to create music playlist on one phone, then connect to another phone that also has Bluetooth Music Player installed, and when you press Play button, music will play on both phones at the same time.

Please note that Bluetooth Music Player does NOT stream music to Bluetooth headsets, watches, Playstation, Wii or any device other than Android phone.


  • • Synchronized and controllable audio streaming and playback on a two phones via Bluetooth
  • • Simple user interface, easy audio management system
  • • Mute sound without interrupting streaming
  • • Automatic disconnect/reconnect to audio streaming phone
  • • Works on Android 2.2 or newer


Version 1.5
  • • Improved user interface
  • • Minor bugs fixed
  • • Minor menu issues resolved