When Pig Flies

Fly, chop, slice


Benny is a brave pig who got tired of that ridiculous assumption people are taking for granted - that pigs cannot fly. Cause they sooo can. Well, sort of... At least they can fall for a while, and that absolutely counts! So he took a plane, flew up high, jumped, and he liked it so much that he decided to do it all the time. But soon some people started setting up traps for him, because they've heard that flying pigs are way more delicious that regular, gravity-obeying, boring pigs. Help Benny escape these vicious traps and land safely in his mud on farm.

Dive through 10 stages on 3 difficulty levels, escape all the traps, and land safely in the mud on farm. Tilt your phone to move Benny, and collect stars to recharge your health.


  • • Control player by tilting device
  • • Or with button if you prefer that way
  • • Difficulty levels


Version 1.0